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Write a Compare and Contrast Essay. Subject Distinction

Write a Compare and Contrast Essay. Subject Distinction photo

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The goal of the compare and contrast essay is to mark the difference between the themes and separate subjects. You are automatically highlighting a specific point using the method of “compare and contrast”. Thus, your readers know that they can expect a meaningful argument and a well-structured academic work at the end of the day. To start with writing, you need to gain a little practice from the professionals. They recommend choosing the themes you need to compare. You can also look for a compare and contrast essay example to make a bigger impact.

There is an easy way to approach this: pick the subjects that have similarities yet the difference between them can be still traced. We are talking about issues like “homemade foods” vs. “grocery foods”. By comparing and contrasting the cooking technique, you get the answer you are looking for. Another tactic is to choose the subject based on its controversy. You can compare the visual processing of owls to that of humans. Surprising? Definitely. Does it make people stop and read your essay? Most certainly. One roams at night and prefers to hunt the nocturnal prey. The other one mainly functions during the daylight hours, but that does not exclude our shared features.

Do not be afraid to take the subjects that only seem the same at first glance. This is where the popular dilemma of the book versus the film gains reign. For instance, many of the fans were startled by the cinematic decision for the portrayal of The Hunger Games’ main characters. Make that your topic and expand the theme by saying whether the parallel between the movie adaptation and the literary source has turned out to be successful. You can lead the viewers with the opening that was made in a timely manner. We are talking curious questions, insightful topics, and thought-provoking issues. You don’t have to go ahead of yourself for the sake of shock value alone but it is important to understand the needs of your audience before they do.

How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay and Why Readers Care

Provide the audience with the arguments that will convince them you are not writing out of boredom. List the events that have forced you to create a comparative table in the first place. The targeted followers and students need to comprehend the point of the article. Their attention is easily distracted by the fact that you are beating around the bush. Skip this in order to bury the lead from the opening line. Writing in favor of the readers will immediately enhance the thesis and become a part of the entire essay.

Secondly, do not forget to mention the main points of the text. The composition structure is often overlooked due to the fact we can’t compare contradicting terms. To break the pattern and make sure that the peers are following your story, be consistent. You are probably wondering what you will miss if you read The Hunger Games and The Game of Thrones. The purpose of the composition is to compare the points by applying the same method. Some claim that brainstorming the theme is another way to maintain a writing flow.

Formulating the argument is no easy deal. Recognize your faults and try to explain why the subjects should be put together. If the audience does not get the concept of the composition, it is time to reframe the strategy. This can take a week, so we recommend starting with the contrast essay in advance. Single out the major points and collect the material. Use reliable sources to convince your tutors and fellow students that you do not wish to spread false data. Diagrams made in the form of overlapping circles are often used for topics that require a bit more understanding. The circles symbolize the borders melting, thus the subjects become pretty similar at the end of the day.

As an example, you can use the differences between various household animals. You may have heard about the people who try to compare felines and pups for the sake of the arguments alone. They are both domestic dwellers and fairly easy to adopt. You don’t have to go out of the way to accept these pets into your home. Once you are done with the similarities, move on to the differences. With cats and dogs, it is more about the temper than anything else. Indicate the purpose of the essay by saying that none of the species can be considered superior. Teachers may instruct you to shed light on the problem in a more provocative manner. However, you need to follow the instructions unless suggested otherwise.

Thesis Development and Essay Directions

Your essay can go a long way if you decide to take directions and make one subject more desirable. The readers need to draw their own conclusions, based on the pattern of the story. There is no need to emphasize the dominance of cats or dogs simply because your subject was based on that. The composition has to give food for thought. As a result, students are developing their writing abilities and giving self-explanatory answers along the way.

In high school, you are often asked to create a paper that consists of five or more paragraphs. This is done in order to practice the skills, needed for future work. University professors are not afraid to skip the part and accentuate on the body of the paper. This means you are going to be stuck with three paragraphs, an opening line, and a conclusion.

Summary reiterates the previous facts without warping them and highlights the features that have been missed. You do not have to use the same vocabulary for this part. There should be no revelations at the end of the article. Fully explore the topic before you hand it to the teacher, though, as it may affect the level of grading.

It is also good to pay attention to the style of the essay. Comparing and contrasting subjects may require a formulaic language, but you don’t have to be frugal with facts and opinions. The assignment should look thrilling both for the audience and the writer. If this is your first time constructing an essay, you may get tips from the experts. Go over the material after you have finished and come back to edit later. Even though the tactic that contains comparisons is a hard one to follow, you have to be logical. Mind the gaps between the paragraphs and give your audience time to comprehend the narrative. They should not miss the point of the paper if you are actively controlling the quality of your writing and its consistency. Use imagination to make it sound plausible. Believable arguments and information play a huge part in the understanding of the composition.