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Stephenie Meyer author: age, biography, family, birthday.

Stephenie Meyer – one of the most powerful female writers in the world – the author of the previous hit Twilight series and the recently released Midnight Sun.

Stephenie Meyer, a Mormon housewife turned novelist, is the new queen of fantasy. You, JK Rowling. Both have just been honored in the list of 10 most powerful female writers in the world today.

1.Stephenie Meyer biography

1.1 Stephenie Meyer age

Stephenie Meyer (née Morgan), born on December 24, 1973 ( age 48 )  in Hartford, Connecticut, Arizona (USA)

1.2 Stephenie Meyer Family

stephenie Meyer is the son of Stephen a CFO at a contracting company and Candy Morgan, She grew up in Phoenix, born into a family of 5 siblings and it was the family names Meyer used to create for characters from the Twilight series, such as werewolves Seth Clearwater, Emily Young, Jacob Black, Paul, and Heidi.

Stephenie Meyer biography

1.3 Stephenie Meyer young

Although Meyer felt out of place among the privileged population of Chaparral High School in Scottsdale, Arizona, she was still an outstanding student. Graduating from the school in 1992, with high grades, she received the National Merit Scholarship. She used the award to attend Brigham Young University majoring in English literature. Where she met her husband.

Meyer graduated from Brigham Young University in 1997. That same year, she gave birth to her first son, Gabe. Her sons Seth and Eli followed, and Meyer led a busy life as a stay-at-home mom.

1.4 Stephenie Meyer Husband

In 1996, in the midst of his Brigham Young University years, Meyer reunited with his childhood friend Christian, he was an accountant named “Pancho” (both grew up in the same social circle) . They began dating and married less than a year later, when Meyer had just turned 21 and had three sons.

Family They currently live in Arizona.

1.5 Stephenie Meyer Religion: Mormon

Smart, funny, and fun, Meyer doesn’t seem to be the direct undead. stephenie meyer is a Mormon religious, observant woman who doesn’t drink and has never seen an R-rated movie. She’s not perfect – although Mormons avoid caffeine in principle, she does. I still drink cherry Pepsi from time to time. “It’s about keeping yourself from getting addicted,” she explains as she sits on a large couch in her living room. “We have free will, which is a huge gift from God.

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The characters in Meyer’s books aren’t Mormons, but her beliefs are key to understanding her uncanny talent.

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1.6 Stephenie Meyer inspiration for twilight


stephenie meyer

2 Stephenie Meyer Twilight Books : “Commercial success”

Twilight  was widely praised and won many important titles, including:

  • Outstanding Novel as Reviewed by the Editors of the  New York Times
  • Publishers Weekly’s Best Book of the Year
  • “One of the Ten Greatest Books for Young People” by the American Library Association
  • Bestsellers of  New York Times
  • Favorite Book – Kids Choice Awards 2009
  • Translated in over 35 languages

2.1 Stephenie Meyer Books in order

New Moon
Breaking Dawn
Midnight sun

However, there are only 4 novels in the book series but there are 5 movies in the series, if you want to see the love story between Bella and Edward or the mysteries of the life of the vampire clan, the article below will rearrange the sequence of the series easily.

Twilight  is the prologue to this series, introducing 17-year-old Bella (Kristen Stewart), who moves to Forks, Washington, to live with her father and sheriff, Charlie (Billy Burke). She is immediately attracted to Edward (Robert Pattinson), a vampire “boy” over 100 years old, when she starts studying at a new school.

Edward’s “confusing” attitude made Bella want to learn more about him. Despite the problems with their situation, the two still accept each other, which sends Bella into a supernatural world rife with dangers, when Bella is introduced to his family’s vampire family. his, Carlisle Cullen, Esma, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie.

The entire Cullen family risked the lives of a family of vampires to protect a human, which is truly absurd given the history of the vampire race up to now, It was at the expense of the life of another vampire, James. Therefore, a succession of stories about revenge and family stretches throughout the rest of the film.

While  Twilight  leaves things positive, the story in  The Twilight Saga: New Moon  is a great pain and loss for the Cullen family. The Cullens held a 17th birthday party for Bella, Bella accidentally cut her hand and bled, which made Jasper’s “bloodthirsty” in Jasper’s body.

To protect Bella’s life from the vampire world, Edward tried to break things and leave town, alienating himself and his entire family.

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The hot spot in this movie when Bella befriends Jacob Black (Lautner). Despite still missing Edward, Bella begins to enjoy her life again as her friendship with Jacob deepens.

Things gradually come to a dead end, when Bella discovers that Jacob is a werewolf, and so are the other members of Jacob’s Quileute tribe. Furthermore, they are natural enemies of vampires, even though the Clan has a long-standing covenant of peace with the Cullens.

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Edward and Bella reunite at the end of the film when they meet the Volturi, vampires considered the royal family of vampires, elite, high and powerful ancient beings who set the rules of society. vampire. Edward misunderstood Bella to commit suicide, so he revealed his identity to the human world. That means Edward must be killed, and Bella must be killed or turned into a vampire.

The sequel to the series is  The Twilight Saga: Eclipse , which follows Bella and Edward as they both struggle to continue their relationship and deal with an ultimatum coming from the vampire’s royal family because Bella already knows. too much about them.

The two come to the decision to get married, although Bella is still hesitant because she is too young. In addition, Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howardi) returns with a newborn army of vampires, seeking revenge against Bella and the Cullens for killing her lover, James, in the first film.

The Cullens and the Quileute tribe agreed to fight together to defeat Victoria’s army, and during the battle, Edward, Bella, and Jacob fled Victoria together. When Jacob overhears Edward and Bella talking about their engagement, Jacob gets angry and starts a fight with Edward, but is stopped by Bella’s kiss.

Bella suddenly realized, she also has feelings for Jacob, but she has feelings for Edward more. When Victoria is defeated, Jacob finally agrees to stay away from Edward and Bella, and on the ensuing battle, they negotiate with Charlie about their vampire-human engagement.

The fourth installment of the series includes the first part of the fourth book,  The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn , which is split into two movies. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn  part 1 continues after the end of the previous season and begins with Bella and Edward’s wedding. Jacob surprises Bella by attending their wedding, and at this time, Jacob realizes Bella’s transformation, which could affect her life.

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Bella was pregnant with a vampire-human hybrid with Edward, a child named Renesmee, growing to an alarming rate, greatly affecting Bella’s health. Therefore, Bella nearly died in childbirth forcing Edward to turn her into a vampire.

Jacob rushes in to kill the child, accidentally he realizes Renesmee, Bella’s newborn child and Edward is his life partner, Renesmee’s life is also safe from the law of Quileute, at least under Jacob’s claws.

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The final film begins, Bella seems to be “reborn” after giving birth to her daughter Renesmee, when Edward turns her into a vampire. When Bella learns that Jacob is destined to be the life partner of her newborn daughter, Bella is angry at first, but after being explained by Charlie, she gradually accepts this fact and her own change. , from human to vampire.

Bella and Edward’s daughter, Renesmee, continues to grow at an alarming rate and is soon discovered by the Volturi. They believe that Renesmee is an “immortal child” – an absolute taboo, so the Volturi come to destroy Renesmee.

Edward and Bella recruit allies to help prove that their daughter is not what the Volturi think, but a vampire-human hybrid, not at all an “immortal child.”

In the end, Alice was able to convince the Volturi to let them all live in peace by showing them a vision of a brutal battle that cost the lives of Carlisle, Jasper, and several high-ranking members of the group. The Volturi, as well as introduce their final witness, another vampire-human hybrid named Nahuel (JD Pardo), who proves Renesmee can grow up peacefully.

The fifth and final film ends with a glimpse of a happy future, thanks to Alice’s foresight, and a final love between Bella and Edward, who promise promise to be together forever.

After 4 years to the public, every episode released is a blockbuster. The five episodes were produced at a total cost of less than $400 million, but sales of the first four seasons surpassed the $2.5 billion mark.

2.2 Stephenie Meyer contact

You can follow news and updates on Stephenie and her company  Fickle Fish Films  on:  Twitter  /  Facebook  /  Instagram  /  Website

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