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Robert Kiyosaki Biography- Author of the famous book series “Rich Dad Poor Dad”

18 books published and over 2.6 million copies sold worldwide, this self-made financial advisor and investor must have had a strong prior dream from relatively modest beginnings in Hawaii. To date, Robert Kiyosaki has become one of the most respected and controversial business people in the world.

Robert Kiyosaki Biography

Robert Kiyosaki Biography

Full name Robert Toru Kiyosaki
Date of birth April 8, 1947 (73 years old)
Zodiac Aries
nationality America
Place of birth Hilo, Hawaii, USA
Famous for Entrepreneur, author, investor, inspirational speaker
Net asset value Updating
Parent Father: Ralph H. Kiyosaki (1919-1991)
Mother: Marjorie O. Kiyosaki (1921-1971)
Siblings Emi Kiyosaki, Jon (Sister)
Wife Kim Meyer
Children Updating
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It’s never too late

Robert Kiyosaki was born on April 8, 1947, in Hallo, Hawaii, the largest coastal city in the island. Robert Kiyosaki is a 4th generation Japanese-American. His father was a respected educator in Hawaii, having served as the administrator of the state’s schools.

After graduating from high school, Kiyosaki decided to apply to the American Maritime Trade Academy in New York, graduating from the aforementioned Academy in 1969, Robert Kiyosaki applied to join the navy. In 1974, he left the army and joined Xerox as a salesman, a job that made a big change in Kiyosaki’s life.

In 1977, Kiyosaki felt no longer satisfied with his employment and thought of starting his own company, excited by the prospect of selling a Velcro-style nylon wallet with two hair bands for glued together, instead of zipper.

Robert Kiyosaki imported this item from abroad, which quickly became popular with live water enthusiasts as “surf wallets”. The company enjoyed modest success at first, but eventually went bankrupt. Undeterred by this failure, Kiyosaki moved into a new business.

In the early 1980s, after setting up a second company specializing in the production of rock bands, but unfortunately this company was less successful than the first, quickly went bankrupt. At this point, he was forced to change direction.

Share value and get rich

Step by step, Robert Kiyosaki has become a key figure in seminars with the theme “Money and You” to advise individuals on development orientation. These seminars lasted 3.5 years and then it was replicated and became popular throughout the United States.

When Thurber retired in 1985, Robert Kiyosaki decided to seize the opportunity by teaming up with a Thurber partner, D.C Cordova. The two founded an educational institution focused on financial and business issues to help individuals develop their careers independently. Despite suffering heavy losses in its first year, Kiyosaki and Cordova’s company managed to survive.

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Robert Kiyosaki Biography

For the next 9 years, he traveled the world, teaching students about financial strategies. During that time, he invested in real estate and a lot of money from real estate, Kiyosaki may retire at the age of 47, but is not a person who likes to enjoy a comfortable life. Just two years later, Robert Kiyosaki returned to the field of training and investing. In 1996, he founded Cashlfow Technologies Inc – a financial education organization famous for its Cashflow 101 program.

The company’s Cashflow 101 program then became popular. Most of Kiyosaki’s lectures focus on passive income by recognizing investment opportunities, Robert Kiyosaki defines an asset as something that generates money.

A rental home or a business that has liabilities is what causes the costs. For example, a house with car installments and the like.

Robert Kiyosaki emphasizes what he calls financial education. He says that life skills are best learned through experience and that are lessons that are never taught in schools.

The book that changed my life

Then Robert Kiyosaki wrote a book that made his name. It’s a book titled “Rich Dad Poor Dad” or Teach Your Children to Get Rich. This book goes against the advice Robert Kiyosaki’s father gave him as a child: Find a good job, work hard, and save money.

Robert Kiyosaki calls it poor dad advice and he gives rich dad advice to learn to manage risk and make money work for you. The Rich Dad Book has sold for more than £32,000,000 and has been replicated in a series of 18 books published in 90 countries around the world and in 45 different languages.

This series of books became one of the longest-selling books and thanks to it Robert Kiyosaki was included in Amazon’s list of the 25 most famous authors in the world.

Robert Kiyosaki Biography

To do this is thanks to the content of the book that he wrote. It is not only the story he shares about what he has experienced in spending management and getting rich, but it is also a treasure of knowledge that is considered fundamental and groundbreaking about the foundation of finance, spending management. investment in practice.

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Actor Will Smith has said that he taught his son money management with this book, TV Queen Oprah Winfrey also advertised this work on her show. Even billionaire and President Donald Trump were so interested in Robert Kiyosaki’s advice that he agreed to write the book “Why We Want You to Be Rich” in 2006.

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When writing the book Rich Dad, Robert Kiyosaki himself never thought he would be so successful. For example, he once shared that when he told a story from his own experience, he wanted to keep something as an experience for everyone and for himself in the journey of raising children.

So does Robert Kiyosaki’s success come from luck or not? Surely the answer would be no. After readers were taught how to get rich, Robert Kiyosaki once hesitated before he wrote a book. At the time, he was in his 50s, but with courage, he wrote the book from his own experiences and was well received.

Sometimes you have to do what you hate.

In addition, he has other known books such as “Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing” and “Rich Dad’s CashFlow Quadrant” These two books have been ranked in the top 10 best-selling books at the same time on and New York Times.

Another book that is equally loved is “Rich Kid Smart Kid” which is written very succinctly in an attempt to help parents better understand and teach their children about financial ideas. It includes a series of actions that a parent needs to do with their children to help them understand what property, finances and various ways of making money are.

Robert Kiyosaki admits: In life, sometimes you have to do what you hate. People think I like writing books but I don’t. However, it is a piece of the puzzle that forms my ultimate goal, which is to get rich. Young salaried people often never achieve their dreams because they only think about passion and only do what they call passion. I am different, my passion is a more ambitious purpose to be able to serve more people.

Fail to be wise

Despite many successes, Kiyosaki also received many failures. In 2012, he filed for bankruptcy for one of his companies, Rich Global LLC after losing a lawsuit worth nearly $24,000,000. At first hearing this news makes anyone fall back, even find it funny, the master teaches people how to make millions and manage their finances, but one day they fail. As does so. The reality is that Robert Kiyosaki is not bad at all. Rich Global LLC is just one of more than a dozen companies in the hands of master Kiyosaki, most of his business through another company called Rich Dad. In an interview with the New York Post, Rich Dad’s deputy CEO replied: “Money doesn’t exist in Rich Global LLC and we can’t withdraw the corporation’s money. He also confirmed that this was the bankruptcy of Rich Global LLC and had nothing to do with Kiyosaki’s personal assets (estimated at $80 million, according to statistics in 2012).

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With this action, Robert Kiyosaki has shown people one more difference between the rich and the ordinary, they go bankrupt not because of health or unemployment but business strategy.

There are now more than 1600 financial management clubs around the world run by people who are loyal to Robert Kiyosaki’s theories, although his investment advice is also well received. criticizing, criticizing, but more and more people around the world are looking to him to make their dreams of getting rich come true.

Famous sayings

Make money serve you. We go to school to learn how to work hard, earn money. I write books and create products to teach people how to make money work for them,

Kiyosaki said. According to him, the biggest difference between the rich and the poor is that while the rich focus on buying more assets, the poor are inundated with debt. Therefore, you should not work hard to make money, but learn to invest smartly to make the money come back to serve you.

Take action today for the sake of winning, Kiyosaki advises that the only difference between the rich and the poor is the way they spend their time, the poor, the unhappy, the unsuccessful and the unhealthy are who use from tomorrow most often.

Tomorrow exists only in the minds of those who live by their dreams and those who fail, let’s get to work today with the goal of winning. And with Robert Kiyosaki embracing the notion that a person’s level of success is measured by his aspirations, his dreams and how he copes with disappointments in life.


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