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Essential skills of content marketer

What is content marketing? Content marketing is the activity of creating, curating, and distributing valuable, impactful content in your industry to your target audience.

In the following article, I will introduce to you what is content marketing? As well as learn about some content making skills. Follow along with the article below!

1. What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is the activity of creating, curating, and distributing valuable, impactful content in your industry to your target audience.

Content is the center of all marketing activities, including all the information and messages that target customers receive in many forms such as: words, images, sounds, symbols, colors, etc.

Essential skills of a content marketer

An article on how to whiten skin with coconut oil on the Web of a coconut oil producer. A photo of Dove’s gender equity rights. A product promotional clip. All the information (containing the message) that customers receive is Content.

However, not all content produced by a business is also Content Marketing. The marketing element is reflected in the purpose of taking customers as the center, the content must:

  • Attract the right target audience, target customers of the business.
  • Satisfy their current information needs.

Relating to the organization’s industry sector (cosmetic industry does not produce vehicle content).

2. Examples of Content Marketing?

In order to promote the effectiveness of Content Marketing, the content distribution chain must be planned in advance, with specific goals, towards the same communication goals and overall marketing goals of the business.

Purpose: to increase brand awareness through “education” of teenage girls about the importance of intimate health and body care during puberty.

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The content in this period revolves around the above goal and is distributed through many different online channels: Web, electronic newspaper, SEO, Facebook page, Youtube…

3. What are the requirements for Content Marketing staff?

Employers often require candidates for the position of Content Marketing staff to have a Bachelor’s degree or higher in journalism, foreign languages, marketing or another revolving field. Most people mistakenly believe that only those who study journalism or marketing can do this job. However, even those who study economics or foreign languages, etc. If they love marketing and have good writing skills, they can do it.

Essential skills of a content marketer

In addition, content marketing staff should also have some other skills such as:

3.1. Skills in researching and exploiting viewer information

No matter how good the content you write, it doesn’t matter if you don’t reach the right audience. Content marketers need to collect and exploit information about potential customers (who they are, what their interests are, …), the latest trends in the market, statistics and even opportunities in the field. the area that I am pursuing to be able to create the most relevant content. You can:

  • Use Google Analytics to find out who has visited your Web: name, age, gender, ….
  • Interact with customers through the comment section in the article.
  • Conduct a survey of the audience (name, age, gender, …).

3.2. The skill of choosing the topic of the article

To be able to create good and relevant content for your audience, you need to know how to choose a topic. So do you have to graduate from a medical college to write about health mistakes? Not necessarily, you can completely create content without having enough expertise in that field. It is important that you understand how to find, research, and synthesize information.

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Then, apply for a job as a content officer in the field that you love the most or have the most knowledge. After writing the article, have someone more experienced proofread it to ensure the accuracy of the content.

3.3. Good writing and communication skills

Although artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are increasingly used in marketing, they still cannot match humans in sharing engaging content or stories.

Content marketers play an essential role in guiding, directing, attracting and retaining potential customers. Every word in the content article needs to be creative, attractive and show readers the importance of the product or service you are trying to introduce. Creativity, enthusiasm for the profession and the desire to create new and breakthrough things will also help you create unique and meaningful content.

3.4. SEO skills

Read recruitment news for content marketing staff, everywhere you see the requirement to have SEO skills. So what is SEO? In order for your content to reach potential customers quickly, you need to bring it to the top of the search results rankings or in other words, search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization – Search Engine Optimization). abbreviated as SEO).

This is extremely important because almost no one has the patience to read the contents of the article on the second page onwards. Google is constantly updating new terms and search keywords are also constantly changing. Therefore, in order for the article to achieve the best results, the content marketing staff must have good SEO skills. Even they have to constantly improve this skill to be able to keep up with market trends.

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3.5. Tech skills

The ability to use tools like WordPress, Google Analytics, Slideshare, social media channels, … is also a necessary condition if you want to work in this field. The reason is because you not only need to create content, you also need to know if the content has a positive effect on viewers and provides effective sales for the company.


In the above article, I have just briefly introduced to you what is content marketing? As well as learn about some content marketing skills. Hopefully this article will help you understand more about content marketing as well as about SEO. Thank you for following this post!


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