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Essential communication skills you should know

Good communication will help you a lot in work and life, try some new communication skills exercises to interact with people better.

The ability to speak, or rather to communicate, is the key to helping you connect with the people around you. However, not everyone is born with a talent for speech. Making friends, getting acquainted and chatting sometimes becomes a “burden” for many people.
We will introduce you to communication skills exercises for you to easily apply in life in this article.

1. Getting to know strangers

For people who are not good at communicating, getting to know strangers is a difficult problem. Just having a casual conversation with people they know is a lot of pressure for them, let alone talking to someone they’ve never met. However, to improve communication skills, getting to know strangers is a challenge you must overcome.

Essential communication skills you should know

To avoid psychological effects, please note that, in the early stages of practicing communication skills, it is possible to make mistakes. If you miss a word or stumble somewhere, it doesn’t matter. Before starting the conversation, you can “draw up” questions and topics for conversation to avoid running out of ideas during the conversation.

You can start with common social questions, such as asking about names and occupations to understand basic information. Then you can try a few questions about other topics, like sports, culture, music to see if they have anything in common with you.

This exercise requires you to regularly interact with people and talk to them about different fields and topics. You have to master the story and catch the rhythm of the conversation. If you find yourself still having many shortcomings after such conversations, instead of being discouraged, try to improve and learn more.

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If you do this first communication skill exercise well, you will significantly improve your speaking skills

2. Learn to listen

Listening is a very important skill that not everyone has. In a communication, it is not necessary for both parties to speak together, but sometimes it is more necessary to listen to the other’s problem silently. You need to note that, listening here is not just listening to get information, but it takes analysis to understand what others are sharing.

Essential communication skills you should know

Listening is an art (Source: 30Seconds)

To be a good listener, put yourself in the other person’s shoes to understand their point of view. Body language when you listen to someone speak is also important. You should lean forward slightly and look them straight in the eye, nodding occasionally when needed to show the other person that you’re listening and empathizing with their story.

The worst thing about communication is interrupting others. Let them all share and then you give your opinion. If you interrupt someone, even with good intentions, you limit the opportunity for the speaker to fully express his or her feelings or opinions. Try to practice listening to improve communication.

3. Fluent presentation

To be able to speak fluently will take a lot of practice. It’s a good thing if you are confident enough and can speak fluently, but if you can’t speak fluently, you can still practice.

You can prepare what you want to say in advance, not needing to be too detailed with each word, but just state the main ideas you want to convey. From there, you will be more confident because you already have the main content you want to say in mind, and you will also avoid faltering or misrepresenting the problem. It is very important to prepare the content of the talk in advance, especially when you have to present in front of a crowd.

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Essential communication skills you should know

Set a goal to become someone who can speak fluently (Source: Templafy)

In addition, you can also record yourself what you say then listen back. Thus, you will notice shortcomings such as speaking quickly or having no linking words. Another way that is also used by many people is to stand in front of a mirror and practice speaking like you are talking to someone else, over time you will get used to public speaking and become more confident.

However, note that you do not need to speak too fast, maintain a moderate speed so that the listener can fully absorb what you say. Do not speak too slowly so that they get bored and do not speak too fast because it will prevent the listener from receiving all the important information.

4. Other points to note

Remember the other person’s name

You will meet a lot of people and it is impossible to remember all their names. However, imagine if you are a salesperson and regularly meet a certain customer, then remembering their name plus their interests will help you a lot.

advise them on items that match their preferences that you have observed in previous purchases. Customers will certainly be very satisfied with you and you will also be appreciated by your superiors.

Memorizing other people’s names also makes them feel that you really care about them and that they have a special place in your heart. This way, the conversation between the two will also be easier and more open.

Essential communication skills you should know

Remembering the opponent’s name will help you score points in their eyes (Source: Naukri Nama)

Practice communication skills through writing

Most jobs today require some degree of writing skills, the simplest being email writing. So you can practice your communication skills through blog posts or social media. However, their content must be relevant to your niche.

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Adjust voice tone

Your tone of voice will also affect the quality of the conversation. Those who speak too softly, even softly, will not create a feeling of trust and may even irritate the other person. At the same time, speaking too loudly also makes the listener uncomfortable. Therefore, you should pay attention to adjust your tone depending on the situation and place.

If you’re in the library, you should speak just enough. Conversely, if in a place with too many people, it is necessary to speak louder so that everyone in the conversation can hear. Remember, it’s not always a good thing to eat out loud.

Pay attention to the loudness of your voice to make the conversation more effective.

With the communication skills exercises in this article, writingbeast hopes to help guide you to improve your communication skills. If you practice regularly, you will improve very quickly. Good luck!


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