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Book Reviews : Words that Win – Author Don Gabor

Communication plays an important role in any field. But how to communicate effectively, how to use words correctly and not to offend anyone? Book “Words that Win” will help us know how to use words in each specific situation. Come with us Review book Words that Win by Don Gabor both in terms of content and art form used in the work.

book reviews Words that Win of don gabor

Review of the book Words that Win from the author Don Gabor

About the author

Don Gabor is the author of the book “Words that Win” and many other bestsellers. He is a famous American speaker. Besides speaking, his career has also achieved many achievements, the most significant being the establishment of a well-known media consulting company. Along with that, he also taught hundreds of different courses as well as a coach in the field of communication skills training.

Portrait of writer and speaker Don Gabor

Portrait of writer and speaker Don Gabor

Don started writing books in 1980 and many books have been published to date. “Words that Win” are the knowledge he gathered during his training as well as his work. This valuable knowledge is extremely useful to help us communicate better, use words more accurately and have more power. That said so you know what a valuable book this is before going into a more detailed review.

Book Reviews Words that Win: The beauty of content

First published in 2003, has a name which is “Word That Win: What to Say to Get What You Want“. It ranks as one of the best skill books worth reading.

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The book words that win has a unique content

In terms of content, the overall book is divided into 3 parts with 20 chapters. Each section will let the reader know the power of words In the work; in customer, supplier and social interactions. More than providing information, the book covers strategies, skills, and tips for talking to others in different fields. The beauty of the book is that the knowledge looks dry, but under the skillful pen, Don Gabor has used specific situations and lessons to lead in an attractive way.

It’s really hard to judge which of the three parts is the best. Because, each different content provides us with different knowledge and tips in each field. For those who do public relations, certainly find part 2 to be the best and most useful part. But for speakers or social workers, part 3 is more valuable. Therefore, it is difficult to evaluate which part is more important, more interesting and more meaningful.

Words That Win: Artistic Impressions

Although not a story book with ordinary plot content, but in terms of art, it is not inferior to other literary works of art. The power of words uses simple prose, concise language that is easy to understand but has a great urge.

The book attracts readers with easy-to-understand words and lively instructions

In particular, in the work, we see that the author’s guidance is extremely uniform in each part, each chapter. Each chapter, the author highlights the problem, the mistakes that we often make when communicating. From recognizing that mistake, the author gives advice on improvement methods. Each method gives specific examples, specific numbers to visualize and practice. There is nothing abstract or difficult to recognize in the work. This may be due to his background as a famous speaker, so he easily brought the story as well as led the story smoothly and smoothly. No fancy flowers, no legends or erudite knowledge, each easy-to-understand sentence enters the reader’s heart and urges action and practice. Such an attractive way of leading, so even though it is a skill book, it is not dry or boring. On the contrary, the book is extremely engaging and engaging.

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Should I buy the book “Words That Win”?

You may be wondering if the book is worth the money or not? I assure you that it is well worth it. True to its name, words have immense power. Whether the success or failure, the people’s heart or not depends on the standard and correct use of words.

A book worth having in your bookshelf

We don’t all have to be linguists to know how to use words correctly in every situation. So you have to learn. But from where? Learn from those who have been successful before, learn from books, learn in life. So a book written by a good speaker that has a collection of experiences, lessons, and great methods is worth buying and reading. In the book, you not only feel how powerful words are, but also help you practice in each specific situation.

Each person reading a book will have a different feeling, no one is the same. But with this book, surely ten people as one have a common sense of the usefulness that it brings. Do not hesitate a book that teaches skills that will always be dry. This book is not as dry as you think, quite the opposite. You will see how the words in the book attract you. Part book review Words That Win mine only highlights a small part of the good things contained in the book. There are many more things for you to discover.



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