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Book Review :Whale Done!: The Power of Positive Relationships

It is very easy to get angry not only with strangers but also with those we love, but it is very difficult to give them encouragement. Don’t miss a word of encouragement to everyone so that you can spread the value of love. Let “The Power of Positive Relationships” Let’s help you do that!

book review The Power of Encouragement

Why should you choose this book?

Most of the time, encouragement is only available when the other person is having a hard time or has just completed something well. We still talk about the power of the word thank you or show respect when apologizing. But we seem to have overlooked the motivating force called encouragement for those around us. Read this book to add words of encouragement to your art of communication.

Author Ken Blanchard

Ken Blanchard – co-author of the bestseller The One Minute Manager. Dr. Kenneth H. Blanchard is a world-renowned author, educator, consultant/coach, and professor of leadership and workplace behavior at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. .

He has written extensively in the field of leadership, on motivating people and on skills for managing change in life.

Dr. Blanchard received a BA in Leadership and Philosophy from Cornell University, a Master’s degree in Sociology and Counseling from Colgate University, and a PhD in Management Science from Cornell University.

As Chairman of the Board of Blanchard Training and Development, Inc., a Chicago-based company specializing in human resource development, Dr. Blanchard has coached more than 100,000 executives. and has consulted for many large and small corporations and companies around the world. His method is applied by Fortune 500 companies as well as many other successful businesses.

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Lessons from the whales

What makes for great performances from whales in a place that brings joy to everyone. The taming of animals so that they can perform for a zoo or at an ocean park, etc. is not an easy thing. The secret of their trainers is simply to focus on building trust and positive aspects. Thanks to that, everyone can enjoy the wonderful performances. Positivity is always the best way for trainers to train whales. We all have strengths that make everyone happy and flaws, but that’s not something we should criticize. We still often “find the hair” but does that bring happiness?

“There is one important thing to keep in mind: When a behavior is of great interest to you, it tends to automatically repeat itself more often. We’ve learned from killer whales that if we don’t pay much attention to what they do wrong, but only focus on what they do right, they will repeat the right behaviors we want. on a more regular basis.”

Positive feedback – encouragement will make life more meaningful. If so far you have not regretted thanking and apologizing to everyone, now choose to respond to everyone in a positive way.

book review The Power of Encouragement


Effective application in the company

“Focusing on the positive not only promotes the kind of behavior we want, but it also builds trust and a fun, comfortable environment.”

Everything in the environment where you work will be easier if we always encourage each other so that people always feel their worth. Positive energy will be transmitted and spread in the working environment so that everyone is always comfortable and happy. It would be very bad if we went to work in a harsh environment with colleagues who were always shouting and criticizing. That is to say, encouragement helps people to be more comfortable and productive.

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Meaningful quotes in books

  • Care is like the sun’s rays shining on the Earth. Wherever the sun shines, life there will multiply and develop.
  • Always care and encourage others, even when things are still going well.
  • If we open our hearts to people with a positive attitude, we will get positive results.
  • Let’s motivate and encourage others the way they expect, not the way we want.
  • If we only hire qualified people then why underestimate them after they have worked with us.
  • Incentives only work when we really want to do it

Life will be easier if we always transmit positive energy to everyone. Use the power of words to encourage the people you meet in your life. When you do good work, your heart and soul will also be at peace. If you still don’t know how to use words of encouragement in what cases, you should definitely own this book! Read to change and you will see the effect that words of encouragement bring.

book review The Power of Encouragement



Thank you and sorry are both important, but a saying to give encouragement to others also has a special meaning. Let’s spread positive energy by always encouraging people. Book “The Power of Encouragement” bring moments of great experience on the pages of books. Thank you for reading this review, wish you all a positive and successful life.

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